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News | 11.28.2021

5 Independent Music Videos You Must Watch

There's nothing like watching your favorite independent artist rise to the top. Here's a list of our top independent music videos.


Mischa’s intriguing approach to hip-hop always leaves us wanting more, especially through her intoxicating melodies, lyrical dexterity, and top-notch production. The hip-hop phenom recently dropped a powerhouse music video for her single, “G2G,” saying sayonara to the negativity in her life while inspiring viewers to do the same along the way.

IG: @mischaofficialmusic


Leaving us shaking in our boots was Shiragirl’s latest music video for “Antisocial Media,” a dramatic and upbeat punk song/video that mocks social media’s vanity that leads to a crippling obsession. Shiragirl’s dedicated activism towards gender equality, female empowerment, and providing resources for non-binary artists lands her a top spot on our list.

IG: @shira_girl


Nixxie is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and aspiring director who was born in Montreal, Canada.

Nixxie was eight years old in the middle of Montreal’s burgeoning underground hip hop scene, often battling b-boys and b-girls three times her age. She practiced for hours a day, watched Beat Street on repeat, and shared a stage with some of the most talented performers in the city.

Constant exposure to diverse sounds, along with a vivid imagination and youthful energy provided Nixxie with the proper edge and ambition she needed to evolve into the honest and rebellious artist she is today.

Nixxie delivers a slice of excellence in her debut single and music video, “Dance, Dance, Dancing Guns.”


Mikyla’s soulful and ethereal voice has made her one of our top independent acts to keep an eye on. Heavily influenced by r&b sensations like Alicia Keys and Aretha Franklin, Cara is known to blur the lines of genres like neo-soul and r&b with a contemporary approach to songwriting. Recently releasing her lush and dreamy music video for “Love is Foreign,” it would be a shame to miss out on such a refreshing visual experience.

IG: @mikylacara


From Lousiana to Pomona, the Cali legend in the making songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop artist Juice-Z takes us to the club with a heated bop entitled “Cheeks.”

Having turned her trauma and negativity into power, strength, and encouragement, Juice-Z began pouring her soul into her music as a young adult. Juice-Z is also incredibly proud to create and become a prominent record label that welcomes new LGBTQI+ artists to feel safe and express themselves freely.

IG: djjuice_z/

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