News | 08.11.2022

A New Study Suggests That Cannabis Users Are Less Likely To Show Severe COVID Symptoms

Cannabis users were less likely to be admitted to the ICU and had lower levels of inflammation than non-users.

There’s a chance that cannabis users may have less severe cases of Covid-19 and require less treatment during hospital stays.

That’s at least what one new study says, published in the Journal of Cannabis Research.

The researchers looked at a group of individuals infected with the Covid-19 virus and saw that weed users had a less intense experience compared to non-users.

The Study

The study’s authors looked at cases from two hospitals in Los Angeles. They gathered data from 1,831 Covid-19 patients and found that only a slim 4% of the group were active cannabis users (69 people).

Furthermore, the authors acknowledged that because they have such a small sample size, more research on the subject is needed to confirm if their findings are valid. They also added that there was no statistical significance in terms of survival rates between cannabis users and non-users.

That aside, the authors did suggest that cannabis users were less likely to need ICU admission or require a ventilator. Here’s a rundown on how the authors analyzed patient data;

  • Comparing NIH Covid-19 Severity Scores
  • A patient’s need for administered oxygen
  • Admission to the ICU
  • Need for ventilators
  • Length of hospital stay

The Findings

Here’s what the authors found based on the above data points;

  • Cannabis users had significantly lower NIH scores compared to non-users (5.1 to 6.0)
  • Cannabis users stayed at the hospital for an average of 4 days, whereas non-users stayed for 6
  • 12% of cannabis users were admitted to the ICU, compared to 31% of non-users
  • 6% of cannabis users required a ventilator, compared to 17% of non-users
  • Cannabis users’ ICU admission was 12% lower than non-users.
  • Cannabis users’ incubation rates were 6% lower than non-users.

Thus, the researchers suggested that cannabis users may have a less severe experience with Covid-19. Again, this is just a suggestion, especially since the study’s sample size was relatively small and limited to 4% of the group being active cannabis users.

Still, the researchers made an interesting point. They explained how cannabis users might be less affected by negative Covid-19 symptoms because of marijuana’s healing properties, therapeutic benefits, and medicinal effects.

This includes the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoids and terpenes. Plus, the entourage effect takes place when high-quality cannabinoids and terpenes are administered and work together to help the user reach their desired effect.

The study concluded that upon admission, cannabis users showed lower inflammatory markers than non-users. This could mean that the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis could prevent severe reactions to Covid-19.

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