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Behind The Brand: Get To Know Herb’s Founder & CEO, Matt Gray

His thirst for knowledge and inspiration never quits.

Integrity and trust are two main principles at Herb, led by the trailblazing founder and CEO Matt Gray.

He’s had a few stints in the corporate world before the company’s launch. Gray found himself in a corporate job for four months after graduating from business school.

Matt started Bitmaker, a technology school that trained full-stack software engineers. After the acquisition to General Assembly, Matt founded Herb.

He took what he knew and never looked back.

Behind The Brand

Herb takes pride in changing how the world views cannabis with each day that passes. This stems from personal experiences from the CEO, who watched a childhood friend lose himself in the depths of depression.

After years of taking pharmaceuticals that only brought him lower, Gray’s friend attempted suicide.

It wasn’t until he began using more natural remedies and cannabis that he saw a positive change in his life. Noticing this, Gray realized that cannabis and other natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals are beneficial options that need to be explored.

Creativity & Philosophy

Photo courtesy of Matt Gray

Matt Gray’s creativity is constantly expanding. He’s 10x more creative than he was the day before. One particular approach to developing creativity and being the best version of himself is intentional philosophy.

Gray would often lead into conversations about work when asked about general happiness. Realizing this, he shifted his perspective once more, finding joy in four key areas of his life, including;

  • Personal development
  • Spirituality
  • Relationships
  • Health

Your philosophy won’t be the same as Gray’s, your relatives, or your next-door neighbor. For this reason, Herb proudly promotes;

  • Freedom of choice
  • Freedom of thought
  • Self-expression
  • Finding your own way to happiness

Launching Herb

Photo courtesy of Matt Gray

Launching Herb was more of a personal experience for Gray.

He believes that we need to live in a world where anyone can get high-quality cannabis in under 15 minutes. 

With the plant’s therapeutic properties in mind, Gray thought enough was enough; it was time to unlock those benefits and normalize intentional cannabis use. 

His goal was to create a reliable, trustworthy, and authentic platform. After emailing over 2,000 people in two days, Gray came across “The Stoner’s Cookbook.”

This led the Herb founder to backpack with the original owners and lived out of a van for two months. He eventually purchased “The Stoner’s Cookbook” website and rebranded it to Herb. 

Post-purchase, he developed Herb to focus on;

  • Reliable content
  • The best products
  • Valuable information for responsible and intentional cannabis use

Photo courtesy of Matt Gray

We at Herb strive to be your go-to source for information about all things cannabis.

No more asking your dealer which strains are best for your preferred experience. We’re sure you’d agree that purchasing from a dealer, especially in a new city, is a very sketchy experience. 

There wasn’t a ton of helpful strain-centric information during Herb’s infancy. This led Gray to design the brand around modern, unbiased information while promoting the best products for medical and recreational consumers. 

Thus, Herb was born. All from a founder who took his passions, creativity, and philosophies and launched them into a wide-scale, 14 million strong cannabis community eager to shape what’s next in cannabis. 

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