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Escape Artists Is The Leading Topicals Brand In Colorado

Besides its renowned topicals, check out Escape Artists' dissolvable THC strips, "Flights."

Many of us look to cannabis for relief. Whether that’s because of trial and error with pharmaceuticals or it’s an easily-accessible treatment for mental illnesses like anxietydepression, and PTSD.

That said, you simply can’t deny that the pharmaceutical industry has gifted us with advanced technology that can be used in other industries as well, like cannabis.

Brands that merge the therapeutic properties of cannabis with pharmaceutical technology and formulations are praised within the cannabis space, by medical patients and recreational users alike.

That’s where Escape Artists comes in, the leading and most trusted topicals brand in Colorado. Besides its successful and regenerative topicals, Escape Artists has a broad collection of unique products that were designed for consumers to be in complete control of their cannabis experience.

About Escape Artists

Escape Artists had one goal in mind when it first launched in 2017: to use technologies and formulations from the pharmaceutical and food industries in the medical and retail cannabis space.

That goal has landed the brand as an esteemed player in Colorado, the birthplace of recreational cannabis legalization worldwide. Escape Artists builds on its Chief Scientist’s background in stem cells and regenerative medicine to provide our industry with products that truly make a difference.

Its topicals are all pharma-grade, and they’re created with carefully-chosen ingredients to “enhance transdermal penetration at the cellular level, bringing cannabinoids deeper into the skin in minutes,” says the brand.

But it doesn’t stop there. Perhaps you’re boarding a flight and need to shake off the pre-takeoff jitters. See how you can do that below.

Hot Products At Escape Artists

Escape Artists carries a variety of high-quality goods, including:

  • Premium Live Resin Pre-Rolled Joints (Indica & Sativa)
  • Premium Live Resin Pre-Rolled Minis (Indica & Sativa)
  • 3 Tinctures (Lemon, Mint, & Sleep)
  • 5 Topicals (Rose With Bergamot, Cedar & Black Pepper, Lavender, Menthol, & Unscented)
  • Flights

Regarding that final product, Escape Artists Flights are one of the more recent additions to the brand’s product catalog, and perhaps one of the most impressive ones too.

They are dissolvable sublingual strips that come in 5mg THC or 2.5mg THC per strip, making it “easy to microdose and reach the perfect cruising altitude,” states the brand.

These sublingual strips are a direct result of the brand’s Chief Science Officer’s 15 years of research in pharmaceutical delivery mechanisms. They’re the most discreet cannabis product on the market and one that takes effect faster than all other edibles.

The THC dissolves into the mouth’s mucous membranes to produce that fast-acting perfect cruising altitude, whether you’re a mile high in the sky or down here on earth. Escape Artists Flights come in a refreshing minty flavor, with an equal ratio of CBD to THC at 2.5mg each.

Escape Artists will soon launch the Flights in a delicious Apple Tart flavor, which will contain only 5mg THC. These products were designed to be easy to integrate into your daily life while giving you peace of mind that they were made with the safest, most trustworthy ingredients possible.

It’s never been easier to customize your dose and be in complete control of your experience. Escape Artists lets you be the captain of your own ship.

You can find Escape Artists’ products in most Colorado dispensaries. For more information about the brand, visit its website at

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