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Grind & Scale In A Single Step With The Grinder&Scale From GRAMSS

Who knew controlling your consumption could be so enjoyable?

The cannabis industry is quickly evolving. Thanks to the innovative ways of various brands, there are countless ways to consume cannabis and make the most of this special plant.

We’ve found the latest device for consumers looking to elevate their sessions. What if you could grind and scale in one single step? Controlling your consumption would be effortless. Better yet, you can keep track of your consumption through an app that pairs with your grinding and scaling device.

Intrigued? We’re talking about the new, innovative, and user-friendly Grinder&Scale from GRAMSS. Read on for more information about this cutting-edge consumption device, along with its handy and organized app.

Meet The Grinder&Scale From GRAMSS

This device makes other grinders look ancient. Seriously, the sleek and matte design paired with the various compartments makes this grinder unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced before.

This one-of-a-kind grinder features high-quality and removable shredding teeth, resulting in the smoothest and fluffiest flower. Furthermore, the removable teeth let you get into the nooks and crannies for easy and deep cleaning.

Controlling your consumption has never been easier. By grinding and scaling in a single step, you can reduce clutter by combining these functions in one device. The Grinder&Scale lets you keep a fixed dose every time, ensuring you’re only consuming your preferred quantity of flower. It has an integrated, highly accurate scale (0.01g / Max50g) to ensure your sessions never use more flower than you desire.

It includes a rechargeable lithium battery of 3.6V that recharges quickly thanks to the USB-C connection, and it also connects to Bluetooth within 6ft. of the device. It also comes with a plate that serves two purposes, which we explain below.

See what’s inside the box below, and check out the accompanying GRAMSS app:

  • USB-C charging cable, o.5m
  • Small cleaning brush
  • A plate for scaling larger quantities of herb or a surface for your ground flower

Track Your Sessions With The GRAMSS App

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This powerful yet simple application is changing the world of cannabis consumption. GRAMSS firmly believes in leveraging today’s modern technology to ensure anyone can consume the plant to their specific needs.

If you prefer to track how much flower you’re using and rate different strains in the process, you need the GRAMSS App. It lets you keep a complete diary and track each session, not to mention letting you rate each session and strain through the automated GRAMSS Survey System.

Even better, GRAMSS’s trusted algorithm learns the results of all surveys to present you with strain recommendations. If you’re a medical patient, the application has a sharing feature that lets you share your personal session information with anyone who may need it, like a doctor or other healthcare professional.

This is the future of cannabis. Get your Grinder&Scale from GRAMSS today and control your consumption one session at a time.

For more information about The Grinder&Scale, visit GRAMSS’s website at

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