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Culture | 01.30.2023

High Culture: Cannabis Social Media Influencers Who Are Changing The Game In 2023

Follow these influencers for the best cannabis content.

The cannabis culture wouldn’t be much without our beloved influencers.

Who knew there would be an opportunity to make money from home by posting content about our favorite plant?

These people did, and they’re pushing out relatable, hilarious, and educational content to move the industry forward.

From proud cannabis advocates to chefs, watch as these cannabis influencers make 2023 their year.

Sydni Smiley - @_shadesofsyd

Photo courtesy of SYD

Sydni Smiley always leaves a smile on my face.

Her cannabis content ranges from hilarious mini skits to helping viewers become the best version of themselves.

She’s a spiritual gal who dabbles in mushrooms too. Both cannabis and psilocybin are important to Sydni, her health, and overall wellness.

Travis Peterson - @the_nomadcook

Photo courtesy of Travis Peterson

If you’re looking for a different kind of content creator that will make your stomach growl, look to Travis Peterson.

He’s a Canadian cannabis chef and educator located in Arizona. With over 10k followers under his belt, he’s managed to create a unique platform that presents everything from infused ramen dishes to brand partnerships. He’s always whipping up something tasty. 

Alice & Clark - @thathighcouple

Photo courtesy of That High Couple

The dynamic duo, Alice and Clark, have amassed a loyal following of over 32k followers on Instagram. They produce fun, whimsical, and adventurous content, all while high.

The couple has a ton of brand partnerships with industry heavyweights like G Pen and PAX. Their YouTube channel is also a hit, boasting over 100k subscribers. 

Whit - @sunnny.daze

Photo by Sydney Slabs / Sunnny.daze

This young and modern influencer knows her aesthetics. 

Whit is from Colorado and is the epitome of a visually-pleasing content creator. She’s an eager cannabis advocate and encourages brands to follow through on their promises to improve social equity.

Besides her commitment to justice, you can catch Whit working out after hitting a G Pen, cooking up infused dishes, or exploring the great outdoors. 


Rachel Burkons - @smokesipsavor

Photo courtesy of Rachel Burkons

Canna mom, bong vivant, and cannabis hospitality enthusiast Rachel Burkons is passionate about all things weed.

She creates incredible dishes, beverages, and platters with a little help from the green.

Burkons often encourages conversations around equity, what it’s like working in the industry as a woman, and normalizing cannabis use amongst all. 

Alicia Goku - @aliciagoku_

Photo by Kifahari Photography / Alicia Goku

A deep passion for weed is what fuels Alicia Goku’s content.

Also known as The Weed Princess, Goku pushes relatable and humorous content that any stoner will appreciate. She’s an avid educator and strives to inform users about the benefits of cannabis and when to realize a tolerance break is needed.

Alicia is an honest influencer who’s always ready to make the viewer laugh and reflect. 


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