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culture | 12.02.2019

8 Relatable Truths If You’re A Late Night Toker

From gathering all your thoughts to getting some of the best sleep of your life, here are eight truths if you are a late night toker.

For some, wake-and-bakes are the highlight of their day. But for others, it’s a late-night joint, or two. There is never a wrong time to smoke weed. However, there are times when getting high is simply the best. If you’re someone who prefers sunsets over sunrises, then you might be what they call a midnight toker. After a long day of handling your responsibilities, nothing beats taking a load off with sweet Mary Jane. From gathering all your thoughts to getting some of the best sleep of your life, here are 8 truths if you are a late-night toker.

1. The munchies always hit you at the wrong time

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If you’re lucky, you start getting hungry before the local pizza joint closes. But nine times out of ten, the munchies don’t strike until everything is closed, forcing you to rummage through the kitchen and hope you find a decent snack.

2. You sleep like a baby

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In fact, you sleep better than a baby. After toking on your favorite indica all night, you’ll be knocked out for several hours without even budging. Then, you wake up feeling well-rested and rejuvenated.

3. You smoke to unwind

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While some like to use cannabis first thing in the morning, you prefer to end your day with a couple of puffs. Not only does it help you relax, but it also eases away the stress you may have built up that day.

4. Your sessions are rarely interrupted

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During the day, it can sometimes be impossible to find time to set aside for weed. And even if you get it, you’re likely to be interrupted at least once. But late at night, most people are sound asleep. That means you get to smoke as much as you want without anything getting in the way. Boo-yah!

5. You’re no stranger to all-nighters

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From time to time, that high is so good that you prefer to enjoy it rather than sleep it off. There are YouTube videos to be watched, snacks to be eaten, and plenty of more weed that needs to be smoked.

6. No sound is the best sound

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What’s another benefit to being a midnight toker? Basking in the silence, of course. The streets are quiet, and so is the rest of the world, at least that’s how it seems.

7. Nighttime is perfect for gathering your thoughts

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Whether you have too much on your mind or have an important decision to make, nighttime is the best time to kick back with Mary Jane and ponder it all. There are no distractions, no nonsense, just you and your bud and that’s it.

8. If you smoke your last nug, then you’re basically screwed for the night

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There aren’t many downsides to being a late-night toker. But when you decide to smoke your last nug at 2 am, then that means you must wait until morning before the dispensaries open. And if you rely on a dealer, then you might not catch them in time before they hit the sack. Good thing this situation is 100% preventable.

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