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Culture | 01.23.2023

The 10 Best Cannabis Social Media Influencers 2023

Follow these accounts and bless your feed with all things weed.

Cannabis social media influencers have a special place in our hearts. They all started their endeavors due to a shared undying love for cannabis and its benefits. 

We’ve had the pleasure of watching all these accounts grow and flourish over the years, some lucky enough to land over 50k loyal pot-loving followers. 

Each influencer on this list has bent over backward to showcase the benefits of cannabis while introducing new and seasoned users alike to how they can incorporate it into their daily routines. 

Read on to learn more about the 10 best cannabis social media influencers of 2023. 

Jessica Cuebas @pothead.princess (135k Followers)

Photo By @pothead.princess

If you’re looking for cannabis social media influencers with a story, look to Jessica Cuebas, aka, The Pothead Princess. Besides knowing how to post aesthetically-pleasing content, Cuebas shares her personal anecdotes of using cannabis to steer away from pills. She was hesitant about promoting the plant on Instagram until witnessing the positive feedback from others who related to her personal, moving story. 

Jorge Cervantes @jorgecervantesmj (93.5k Followers)

Photo By @jorgecervantesmj

Jorge Cervantes is one of the most well-known cannabis cultivators in today’s industry. He’s a world-renowned expert on indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cannabis cultivation. He also wrote the best-selling book dubbed Cannabis Encyclopedia and has been an award-winning journalist in the cannabis sector. Stay up to date with Cervantes through his social media, where you can learn more about the unique craft of cultivation. 

Bess Byers @imcannabess (87.8k Followers)

Photo By @imcannabess

Bess Byers founded the praised cannabis marketing agency Blaise Creative in 2017, focussing on marketing, social media, communications, and content creation. Her experience with content and social media is wildly impressive and can be seen through her aesthetically pleasing Instagram page. She’s one of the most dedicated and successful female entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry to date, and she’s committed to spreading truth, knowledge, and education about the plant. 

Alice & Clark @thathighcouple (84.2k Followers)

Photo By @thathighcouple

The dynamic duo, Alice and Clark, have amassed a loyal following of over 84k followers on Instagram. They produce fun, whimsical, and adventurous content, all while high. The couple has a ton of brand partnerships with industry heavyweights like G Pen and PAX. Their content focuses on exploring and discussing why they’re so passionate about cannabis, and their YouTube channel has also garnered notable attention with over 140k subscribers. 

Steve DeAngelo @steve.deangelo (61.5k Followers)

Photo by @steve.deangelo

Steve DeAngelo is a cannabis activist, author, and entrepreneur. He is often referred to as The Father of Legal Cannabis, who dedicated his entire life to fighting for cannabis on the streets, in courtrooms, and in the media. He’s founded various successful cannabis businesses, authored the book The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm For Wellness, and founded The Last Prisoner Project. 

SYD @_shadesofsyd (36.6k Followers)

Photo By @_shadesofsyd

SYD is a content creator, model, and entrepreneur that has amassed a loyal following with her cannabis and mushroom-related content. She’s hilarious and knows exactly how to leave a smile on the faces of weed lovers and spiritual aficionados. She’s also the CEO and founder of Medicated Melanin. Her cannabis content ranges from hilarious mini skits to helping viewers become the best version of themselves. 

Jamie Evans @theherbsomm (32k Followers)

Photo By @theherbsomm

Jamie Evans is your gal for all things drinkable cannabis. She specializes in creating delicious cannabis-infused beverages, from lattes to mocktails. She’s a self-proclaimed gourmet guide and author of books like Cannabis Drinks: Secrets to Crafting THC and CBD Beverages at Home. As a certified sommelier and cannabis entrepreneur, she’s constantly exploring all things food, beverage, and travel.

Travis Petersen @the_nomadcook (17.8k Followers)

Photo By @the_nomadcook

If you’re looking for a different kind of cannabis content creator that will make your stomach growl, look to Travis Peterson. He’s a Canadian cannabis chef and educator located in Arizona. With over 17k followers under his belt, he’s managed to create a unique platform that presents everything from infused ramen dishes to brand partnerships. He’s always whipping up something delicious (and potent).

Dr. Michele Ross @drmicheleross (14.8k Followers)

Photo By @drmicheleross

Dr. Michele Ross champions medical marijuana and scientific research in the cannabis industry. She’s a neuroscientist who’s constantly advocating for and educating about the medical benefits and therapeutic properties of the plant. She’s one of the most well-known women in the industry, focusing on mind-body work and personalized plant medicine. She also starred in Big Brother 11

Rachel Burkons @smokesipsavor (13.2k Followers)

Photo By @smokesipsavor

Canna mom, bong vivant, and cannabis hospitality enthusiast Rachel Burkons is passionate about all things weed. She creates incredible dishes, beverages, and platters with a little help from the green. Burkons often encourages conversations around equity, what it’s like working in the industry as a woman, and normalizing cannabis use among all. Her wit and passion for the plant never fail to shine through on every post. 

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