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News | 01.31.2023

Get 50% Off Sitewide At Upgrade

High quality, low prices. Get everything from gummies to vapes for 50% off at Upgrade.

There are plenty of new cannabinoids to try, but not enough trusted retailers to help you find them. While consumers know the effects produced by Delta-9 THC and maybe even Delta-8 THC, it’s time to step into the unknown for the sake of your well-being. 

When you’re ready to dabble in the beneficial world of new cannabinoids, look to Upgrade for 50% off sitewide plus delivery straight to your door. Besides this unmatched deal, Upgrade has developed a trustworthy reputation for manufacturing and supplying top-shelf cannabinoid-centric products geared towards various experiences, like chill, focus, relief, and sleep. 

The brand is celebrated nationwide for their premium goods, affordable prices, and helpful customer service. See below for more information about Upgrade and their 50% off sitewide deal.

About Upgrade

Looking to try hemp-derived cannabinoids from a trusted retailer with over a decade of experience in the cannabis industry? Upgrade has you covered. 

For years, the brand would produce premium goods for other companies to sell. Finally, they’ve stepped into the spotlight to help consumers better understand what they’re using, who it’s from, and how it can benefit them. 

Upgrade is deeply passionate about creating industry-leading formulations to ensure everyone can reap the reward of various cannabinoid blends tailored toward specific experiences. Do you want to chill? Or maybe you’re looking for a product that enhances focus. 

Upgrade provides premium edibles and vaporizers containing the newest and most effective cannabinoids to help you feel good. Browse cannabinoids like THC-P, THC-V, HHC, HHC-P, and much more, all at affordable prices. 

When used together, these cannabinoids produce a phenomenon known as the ensemble effect or entourage effect, which amplifies their effects for a more complete and well-rounded experience. 

Lucky for you, Upgrade wants to help you experience this natural phenomenon at half the price. See below for more best-selling products at Upgrade, which you can snag for 50% off. 

50% Off Sitewide At Upgrade

What’s your desired cannabis experience? Upgrade has developed four product lines containing different cannabinoid blends to help consumers achieve their preferred experience. See below for some reliable recommendations you can get for 50% off, plus delivery straight to your door. 


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Chilling out requires some much-needed stress relief, which you can find in Upgrade’s Chill 2g Delta-8 + HHC + THC-O Animal Mints CDT Vape. CDT, standing for cannabis-derived terpenes, ensures you’re getting a true-to-plant experience while chilling out with help from 2 grams of Delta-8 THC, HHC, and THC-O.


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From pain relief to anxiety relief, nip physical and mental pain in the bud with Upgrade’s Relief HHC Kiwi Strawberry Gummies. These sweets are also available in other mouthwatering flavors, all containing an ideal dose of 25mg HHC per gummy. 


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Need some help focussing on your tasks? Check out Upgrade’s Focus 2g HHC + THC-V + HHC-P Blue Dream CDT Vape. With cannabis-derived terpenes and two grams of HHC, THC-V, and HHC-P, your projects will be complete in no time. This rechargeable disposable vaporizer is also available in Pineapple Express and Fruit Punch strains. 


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Hit the way with Upgrade’s Sleep 1000mg Delta-8 + CBN + CBN-O Nighttime Drops. Available in 1000mg and 2000mg per bottle, this tincture contains a superior blend of relaxing cannabinoids to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. 

Get 50% off sitewide at Upgrade by visiting their website at upgradecbd.com.

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