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Industry | 05.26.2022

An Exclusive Interview With Invincibowl, Your Last Stop For Bong Needs

Here’s what the creators of Invincibowl have to say about their trailblazing product lines.

Calling all bong users. 

We know you’re sick and tired of wasting money on fragile glass bowl pieces and downstems, only for them to break when you need them most.

That’s where Invincibowl comes in. The company has created unbreakable bowl pieces and downstems with unique features that are, well, invincible. 

Click here to shop Invincibowl’s bowl pieces and downstems, and see our exclusive interview with the company below. 

Photo by Invincibowl

What inspired the launch of Invincibowl? Was your company created based on negative experiences with fragile glass accessories?

Invincibowl was born out of necessity. We are a husband and wife duo that teamed up with our friend Matt to create accessories that are built to last a lifetime. As daily consumers, it had become almost impossible to smoke without the fear of breaking a bowl or downstem. It was financially irresponsible, unsustainable, and frustrating. Jeff, inventor, and CEO decided enough was enough. He put his nearly 20 years of experience as an engineer to use and developed the Invincibowl.

Where is your company based, and where do you ship?

We are based in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, and ship worldwide!

Could you tell us more about your manufacturing process? How do you ensure each bowl piece and downstem is safe, unbreakable, and, well, invincible?

The manufacturing of Invincibowl products involves a series of measures. We go to great lengths to certify material compliance and adherence to requirements by tracking the material process control from manufacturing all the way to assembly. This ensures raw materials are verifiable. We follow the proper chain of custody to establish a record and pass quality control standards. Safeguarding this system is absolutely crucial as cheap knock-offs put the customer at risk of consuming harmful byproducts.

What were the main issues you found with traditional bowl pieces and downstems? Besides being unbreakable, how do your products outperform the competition?

There are countless flaws with traditional smoking accessories. The most obvious being their fragility. Some more conspicuous downsides include inferior airflow, product loss, inability to adapt to several bongs, and poor overall design.

Our products aren’t simply unbreakable. They are revolutionary. We feature a never before seen Secure-Screen System that easily allows the user to turn over the bong bowl and tap out ash. The captured screen is a proprietary mesh that can withstand the flame of a lighter or torch without burning to a crisp while remaining chemically inert.

This protective barrier will keep the product in your bowl and money in your pocket! And that’s not all. Our downstems easily adjust in length replacing upwards of 7 sizes! It even hits those funky in between sizes ensuring a perfect rip every single time. We have also incorporated the same Secure Screen System in the downstem to further enhance the user experience. Both screens are effortlessly removed for replacement. Each packaged product comes with spare screens so that customers can fully experience the benefits.

We noticed that you also have a blog on your website. What kind of information do you provide through the blog, and how does it benefit the cannabis community?

Our blog touches on a variety of subjects. It varies from in-depth analysis of our products like why stainless steel screens are better than brass, to gift guides, the history of 420, and even spotlight interviews with our ambassadors. It’s a great way to stay connected with our supporters while discussing topics of interest. It also helps create a bond with prospective customers that we may have otherwise not had the opportunity to engage. 

The Invincibowl and Invincipole aside, might your company venture into creating an unbreakable bong in the future? Or are you focused on evolving the products you currently sell?

We have several products in different stages of R&D. While we are not prepared to disclose specifics, you can be assured that we will always create novel products to upgrade traditional cannabis goods.

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