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25-Pack Mini RollsKing Palm

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King Palm’s pre-rolled leaf blunt wraps are the easiest and most natural way for you to enjoy your weed, offering a premium alternative to traditional rolling papers. Getting a perfect slow burning joint has never been easier. Just put a corn husk filter in the Mini Roll, pack the Mini Roll with up to 1 gram of your favorite flower, and you’re good to go. This package contains:

  • 25 Palm-Leaf Mini Rolls
  • 25 Corn Husk Filters
  • Bamboo Packing Stick
  • 62% 2-Way Humidity Pack

King Palm’s wraps are made from Cordia tree leaves from Southeast Asia. Each leaf is handpicked and cleaned in purified water before being hand-rolled into this slow-burning smokable piece. Their Mini Rolls are 100% organic, free of tobacco, chemicals, glue, and artificial flavors. Go with King Palm for the smoothest, most delicious, slow-burning experience possible.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto