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Berry Terps Terpene-Infused Filter TipsKing Palm

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Here’s a product designed to enhance your joints, blunts, or cigs naturally. King Palm’s terpene-infused corn husk filter tips add flavor and provide unparalleled smoke cooling and filtration. Squeeze the tip until it pops to release the terpene-infused oils, and enjoy as bursts of blueberry flavor blend with your herb with every puff. 

  • 7 mm diameter
  • 25 filters/pack

King Palm’s terpene-infused joint filters fit in any 7 mm joint, blunt, or cigarillo. But they sure work better with any King Palm hand-rolled premium blunt wrap. Corn husk features super-small holes that allow for incredibly smooth airflow, prevent any weed from reaching your mouth, and cool down the smoke as it filters it. Add these filter tips to your preferred smokable for improved filtration and natural flavors.


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