LagunitasHi-Fi Hops

This unique portfolio of cannabis infused; hops-flavored sparkling water sounds like it should be number one on anyone trying to ease up on the beer. But there’s still no reason to not enjoy the pleasant lip-smacking taste of a cold one.

  • 18:1 THC/CBD ratio
  • 5:5 THC/CBD ratio
  • 10:0 THC/CBD ratio

Enjoy these hops-lovers delights infused with just the right amount of THC and CBD, but still completely lacking carbs, calories, and hangovers! Each unit comes with different CBD:THC ratios, so there’s plenty of room for different tastes; choose wisely and enjoy.


Full Body
1 hour
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Founded in 1993, Lagunitas has always found ways to bridge the gap between its two loves: beer and cannabis. In 2017, after merging with AbsoluteXtracts, they found a way to close that gap and create a line of bottled sparkling water that includes the soothing and energizing effects of THC and CBD and the refreshing flavors of cannabis terpenes.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto