Anchored 4g THCA Hemp Flower – Sour Runtz

Introducing our premium THCA cannabis strains!

The Entourage Effect is a powerful phenomenon that can add significant depth and complexity to a cannabis experience, often leading to more uplifting, desirable, and enduring effects. The basic premise is that each component of the cannabis plant, from cannabinoids to terpenes, synergizes with and enhances the effects of the next, beyond what each is capable of on its own. Think about the richer, fuller, more emotive sound of a musical chord—distinct but interrelated notes working together in harmony—as opposed to the still beautiful yet comparatively diluted sound of a single solitary musical note.

The Entourage Effect is one reason that so many cannabis users still choose to practice the ritual of preparing and smoking cannabis flower despite all the alternative modern innovations available. Concentrates, cartridges, and edibles are great, and often may even be more potent than flower, but sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a good old-fashioned smoke sesh.

5 strains available!



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