Lemon Cherry Gelato (41%) Premium THCA Hemp Flower

Lemon Cherry Gelato THCA flower is a quintessential hybrid strain and THC powerhouse that delivers a euphoric sativa blast accompanied by a cozy indica full-body buzz.  

This strain makes everything just cherry-red and rosy! Two hits in and you’ll experience a jolt of euphoria without feeling scatter-brained. You’ll maintain mental clarity while being carefree and at ease with the world around you.  

Lemon Cherry Gelato also has incredible body effects. The flower’s relaxing yet invigorating sensations will heat you up and make your limbs tingle. Boasting 38% THCA, Lemon Cherry Gelato offers intense effects that require some caution for novice Flowerheads, but those with a high tolerance will delight in the strain’s potency!

The buds are fluffy and delightfully sticky to the touch. They bloom in shades of green, accented by splotches of purple; but what dominates the color palette are the fuzzy deep red caterpillar looking hairs that burst from every nook and cranny. The nose on the flower is citrus forward with a hint of skunk that’s associated with most high THC genetics. There’s a spicy cherry flavor that comes through on the taste that’s indicative of caryophyllene as the dominant terpene.



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