Mendo Berries (96%) THCA Full Melt Ice Water Hash Live Rosin

Our Hash Rosin is a premium full melt solventless concentrate made by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from fresh uncured high THCA flower using just ice water and agitation. It’s sought after for its purity, potency, and terpene-packed flavor.

Mendo Berries (Strain)

Mendo Berries hits like an actual dream. You’ll find your body fixed in one spot while your thoughts drift off into a trance. It’s like all of the noisy thoughts quickly exit your mind and what’s left is empty brain space and room for deeper creative thoughts. If you want to couchlock yourself somewhere creatively productive, say at your desk to write or at your easel to paint, this is the strain for you. While your thoughts are soaring, your body may notice a cozy tingling sensation. If you’re experiencing any pain, this strain is probably a good choice as well. The Mendo Berries Rosin is a pure creamy white color that’s super tasty. Flavors of vanilla cream and sour berries will fill your dome before sending you off to dreamland!



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