Edison ReserveLola Montes Reserve

This cultivar by Edison Reserve features potent buds with a THC profile reaching as high as 23%. This is an indica-dominant strain variety hand-trimmed and expertly cured for maximum high-grade quality. Commonly reported benefits include calm and relaxed sensations.

Lola Montes Reserve has tightly packed nugs with dense developed calyxes and closely trimmed sugar leaves. The phenotype has vibrant emerald-green buds which glimmer due to a fair dusting of trichomes on the flower.

The variety emits delicious aromas that are closely related to flower petals and natural earthy tones. It also has a natural tangy twist contributing further to the organic and fresh taste.


23 %
0.1 %


Full Body
1 hour

Edison Reserve

They’re not just cultivating cannabis, they’re cultivating genius. Edison screams intelligence, and so the name choice fits like a glove for Edison Reserve. Offering high quality, indoor-grown produce that comes from years of experience, the team is always on the ball. Receiving the best care from tender hands, Edison’s plants are craft-cured — meaning that flowers can breathe for longer, giving the plant that real distinct scent and flavor.

  • Plants are treated by hand, from seed to flower.
  • Cannabis oils are available in sativa, indica, hybrid, CBD, and 5:5.

Creating 25,000 pre-rolls a day, your friend is out of a rolling job. They also have a dual humidity pack, keeping it fresh right from the get-go. Now that’s genius!

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto