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Escape the daily grind with an apt substitute – Daily Rind. I’m not even sorry for that one, and you won’t be either when you give this strain a whirl. Also known as Larry OG, Daily Rind was originally cultivated in Orange County, California. This indica-dominant strain has a moderate THC potential ranging between 12% and 18% and is a multi-award winner for its great flavours, aromas, and high.

Users can expect a crisp yet mellow fragrance of pine, tart lemon, fresh grassy herbs, and earth that pairs perfectly with its zesty lemon pine flavour profile. Rather packed bright green buds are sprinkled with visible burnt orange pistil hairs, the nugs are sticky with a coating of crystal trichomes.

Daily Rind is good for both daytime or evening usage and offers users both a euphoric, heavy body high with a buzzing energy cloaked in calm – perfectly adaptable to both social situations or solo sessions.


12-18 %
0 %


Full Body
1 hour


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