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Solar Power

A perfectly balanced indica/sativa hybrid, Solar Power will fuel your inspiration! With a THC range spanning from 16 to 21%, Solar Power is, well, pretty powerful. A minimal amount of CBD brings everything together in its subtle way, adding 1.5% to the otherall cannabinoid profile.

Hypnotically tart with a pungent aroma that will turn heads, Solar Power combines the forces of both indica and sativa strains in a hybrid that we can all take advantage of. Flavours are crisp lemon, sour tang, and fresh, bright pine. Its robust, tangy citrus taste is balanced with hints of wood and sharp diesel.

Solar Power is good for either daytime or evening usage. Quell stress and anxiety while coaxing out some motivational energy, this strain is perfect for inspiration and creative endeavours without leading to frenetic distraction.





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