Edison Sativa Cannabis Oil
Edison Sativa Cannabis Oil
Edison Sativa Cannabis Oil
Edison Sativa Cannabis Oil
Edison Sativa Cannabis Oil

Edison Cannabis Co.Sativa Oil

For those in search of a natural and organic kick and for the types that need a lil help to get energized. This is a sativa derived product from Edison – utilizing sativa extracted resin to deliver a smokeless consumption method.

Sativa Oil has a marginally low THC content of 10mg per millilitre, however proves to be great for micro dosing and calculated intake. The dropper is marked with 0.25ml increments to ensure precise dosages.

Fantastic for consuming alongside meals and stand-alone by applying a few droplets to the underside of the tongue. Slow release keeps you medicated throughout the day.


10-11 mg/ml
0-0.3 mg/ml


1 hour
5+ hours


25 mL
Serving Size
10 mg (1 mL)

Edison Cannabis Co.

At Edison, we believe in infinite potential. In both our plants and our people, we reach higher, dig deeper and dream bigger. Some might say we do things our own way around here – and they’d be right.

Where are we working today? In strain-specific micro-climates specifically designed for each cultivar’s unique needs. How did we get here? By finding simple solutions to complex challenges, listening to our plants, our people and finding joy in the ordinary. In other words, we don’t just cultivate cannabis. We cultivate genius.

What does this mean for those who enjoy cannabis? Our particular brand of genius won’t complete your tax return or design your meal plan. But it does promise something that matters to us: flower, pre-roll, edible and extract products that just keep getting better.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto