Twd.Indica Oil

Blended cannabis oil extracted from indica dominant strains, these oils are made with non GMO, coconut derived MCT oil. Expect a very strong THC potency with this spray, causing a powerful relaxing body high. To apply just drop under the tongue or add to your favourite baking recipe or beverage.

Indica oil comes with a nice refreshing herbal peppermint flavour helping in masking the cannabis after taste. The oil and scent are excellent in creating discreet consumption and also easy in tracking your dosages. Oils are precise in their THC/CBD content.

A small bottle with high and powerful effects, the THC content is a mighty 30mg/ml with very little CBD traces at 0.7mg/ml. Feel an ultimately calming and relaxing hig, great for a restful evening letting all the worries of the day float away. The oil cannot be smoked or vaporized.


30 mg/ml
0.7 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour


Twd. High quality cannabis at a great price, this brand is licensed by Canopy Growth. All plants are carefully grown and cultivated in Canada. The brand is as simple as its name, offering simple products such as flowers, pre-rolls, and oils, all at a great price.

  • Each plant is carefully cultivated.
  • Canadian grown.
  • High quality and affordable.

Developed initially as a “Value Brand” by Canopy Growth, the brand has high potential as products are all expertly crafted and developed with great effort. Simple, fun, and cost effective – just how cannabis should be!

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto