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Super Sour Space Candy Pre-RollBotany Farms

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We don’t usually list out limited releases but this bud is worth all the hype. Only available during the 2020 harvest, a ‘Sour’ variation of one of Oregon CBD’s premier strains. Sour strains aren’t for everyone but if you enjoy a candy-like flavor and scent then Super Sour Space Candy was made to fit you like a ring. Incredible notes of Lemon and Sour Apple that combine with the traditional diesel-like aroma of sour strains. This true hybrid that comes in a professionally an tightly wrapped pre-roll that will allow you to try a strain one at a time or just spare you the time of having to grind and roll yourself.

  • Hybrid
  • 16.4% CBD
  • 22.2% Total Cannabinoids
  • <0.3% THC
Hybrid strains are usually a good option for daytime use. Super Sour Space Candy is not the exception, not just because it’s a hybrid but because it’s accurately dosed with an amount of CBD that will not put you to sleep.


16.4 %


Full Body
3 hours

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto