Plain JaneHemp Pre-Rolls

Hemp flower pre-rolls that look more like cigarettes than your traditional joint-looking pre-roll. Made with all-natural Oregon sourced hemp flower buds from three different strains; Elektra, Lifter, and Sour Space Candy. All flower used on Plain Jane pre-rolls is processed with a water-based curation that removes the traditional ‘hemp smell’ that will give off what you’re up to.

  • Elektra: hybrid cross of ERB and ACDC Hemp strains
  • Lifter: hemp hybrid of Suver Haze and ERB Hemp strains
  • Sour Space Candy: hybrid cross between Sour Tsunami and ERB

Plain Jane’s Hemp flower pre-rolls are rolled with filtered cigarette rice paper that burns and looks like a traditional cigarette. In fact, they come in a traditional 20-unit cigarette pack as well. Ready for you to open, light, and puff.




3 hours

Plain Jane

Plain Jane is easily the owner of the best CBD flower in the country. An accessible brand based out of Oregon and licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Plain Jane promises to be a source for all-natural high-end products at an affordable price tag, which they manage to do so by sourcing their flowers from small family farms mostly based out of Oregon. In an industry where consumers are often confused by the constant flow of product innovations, Plain Jane has made it a point to provide personalized product recommendations depending on customer needs directly from their website. Not only that, but they also have a large product offering outside just plain CBD flower buds, including everything pre-rolls, vapes, accessories, oils & topicals.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto