absoluteXtractsFull-Spectrum Cartridges

ABX’s full spectrum cartridges come in 9 strain-specific oils, ready to screw-on your pen and get to vaping.

  • 100% cannabis oil.
  • Fastest Acting ABX cannabis application.

Flavor options don’t just allow you to pick and choose according to taste, but according to moments. Switch in between cartridge strains easily; the only thing you have to do is figure out what mood is striking you now and go for it.




Full Body
1 hour
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absoluteXtracts was created by a group of experienced industry growers and professionals that are committed to transparency, sustainability, and ensuring only the highest quality in all of their products. Their experience and robust understanding of the cannabis plant, alongside their complete control over all the growing, harvesting, and extraction processes has allowed absoluteXtracts to become one of the industry leaders in the creation of strain-specific high-THC cannabis oils. All their products are made from sun-grown whole-plant cannabis from California and their extractions are done through CO2 without using any additives or toxic solvents. absoluteXtracts’ formulations deliver true-to-plant flavors and effects.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto