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Delta 10 THC Vape CartridgeBotany Farms

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Delta10 THC is best used in the daytime as it creates the psychoactive effects consumers are looking for, without any of the unwanted drowsiness that Delta 9 or Delta 8 THC can produce. With added terpenes from Botany Farms’ Pineapple Haze strain, the flavor is reminiscent of pineapple and coconut on the inhale, while the exhale is smooth and soothing.

  • Delta 10 THC: 57%
  • Delta 8 THC: 15.9%
  • CBN: 5.9%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 78.8%

This vape cartridge has 1 gram of Delta 10 THC oil, it works with any 510 thread, and it’s made with no PG, no VG, and no MCT. Delta 10 THC is naturally thicker than other blends. Store this product in a warm area so that it can be inhaled through the cartridge.

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Full Body
3 hours

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto