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Series XOmura

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The Omura Series X is a ‘whole flower’ vaporizer designed with a dual heat source oven. The oven uses heat-not-burn technology that gently heats the whole flower through a patented heat curve and slowly but surely vaporizes valuable trichomes without burning the flower itself. By programming the oven to work with two different temperature settings, the Series X Vaporizer gives you all the tools necessary to juggle between a more potent session with the higher setting or a more flavorful one on the lower setting. 

The sleek and fashionable design is a creation of the award winning industrial designer Michael Young.  The device comes with a matching charging base that is designed to be displayed in your home.

  • Works with Omura compatible Flowersticks
  • Expertly designed

By only working with Omura compatible flower sticks the device is ensuring a pleasant and hassle free experience that requires no cleaning, no grinding, and no packing. Not only that, but you are being offered the chance of finally vaping CBD without having to worry about exceeding your optimal dose. The design of the Omura Series-X makes it one of the smallest and technically sophisticated heat-not-burn devices in the market, resulting in an extremely portable and trendy accessory.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto