Rift Delta 8 Cartridge

Rift Delta 8 Cartridges contain hemp-derived Delta-8 THC distillate and natural terpenes in a single 1ml prefilled cartridge. It is a psychoactive product. Taking a cautious approach is always a good idea when you are trying something for the first time. To make an informed decision about whether or not to consume Delta-8-THC, you should be aware of the current information we have available. Consult your doctor before trying Delta 8 and get their professional opinion. Pinnacle Hemp’s Delta 8 Cartridge offers a discrete and convenient way to enjoy potent cannabinoids on the go. Delta 8 pens are the ideal solution for consumers who want to get the most from their THC from an easy-to-use, convenient vaporizer. Packed with a full 1ml of hemp-derived Delta 8 Distillate, these disposable vaping pens provide smooth, flavorful vapor without any rough throat sensation or loss of potency.

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