Rift Multiverse 2 Gram Pen

Rift Multiverse 2 gram pens are the newest entry to Rift’s disposable cannabinoid products.

These Multiverse pens contain a hand-crafted blend of cannabinoids to help you achieve lift-off. Offered in two separate, potent cannabinoid blends, Rift offers industry-leading products at unbeatable prices. Delta 9 + THCO + THCP, properties which deliver an unbeatable headrush, make up the Alien Rock Candy, Galactic Jack, and Death Star flavors; Whereas HHC + HHCO + THCP, the euphoric cannabinoid blend, make up the Skywalker OG, Jupiter OG, and Stardawg Guava flavors.

The days of worrying about running out are finally over, as these contain twice the amount of oil of any other cart or pen sold on this website! 2 grams is always better than 1.

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