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Cheeba Cheebas is a community-oriented cannabis retailer born and bred in the Kelowna and West Kelowna area. Bringing passion, and compassion, to the glimmering center of British Columbia’s beloved Okanagan Valley, this cannabis retailer is here to help you find the cannabis products that will give you the experience you crave. Cheeba Cheebas is everything you would hope to find from a local cannabis retailer in the heart of the BC mainland—extraordinary quality cannabis, with a laid-back vibe, authentic atmosphere, and a team that knows all there is to know about cannabis.

  • Wide-variety of cannabis products carefully selected to serve all stripes of cannabis consumers.
  • Community-conscious retail model that puts customers over profits.
  • Laid-back retail environment where customers can take their time, explore, and ask questions.

Family owned and operated, this cannabis retailer knows how important it is to make sure the products they shelve are safe, and that customers are given the information they need to consume them responsibly. As locals of West Kelowna, this retailer also knows the importance of products that can achieve the ultimate end-goal of recreational cannabis—fun, plain and simple. Life in the Okanagan Valley is just better—and with Cheeba Cheebas in the picture, better can become exceptional.

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