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Daikoku is a small cannabis boutique with a big selection of premium products. With the vibe of a high-end tea-shop, this cannabis retailer has a relaxed, discreet atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Daikoku aims to make personalized recommendations for each customer based on four important questions: when they’ll be consuming their product, what context they plan to consume it in, how often they’re planning to consume that product and their relative cannabis tolerance.

  • Wide selection of premium cannabis products.
  • High-end, boutique atmosphere designed to put customers at ease.
  • Personalized recommendations for each customer based on their individual needs.

Daikoku believes that despite being used for millennia, cannabis remains a largely misunderstood plant, and even long-time users may not understand how the plant’s various compounds affect them. That’s why they offer free educational services at their retail location so every customer that enters the store can leave more informed, and with the power to optimize their cannabis experience.

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