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Green Gaia is one of the Okanagan Valley’s premiere cannabis retailers, with locations in Summerland and Penticton British Columbia. True to the spirit of one of Canada’s most famous valley regions, Green Gaia offers a retail space that combines some of the country’s highest-quality botanicals with the Okanagan’s famous laid-back atmosphere. Locally owned and operated, this cannabis retailer always puts the community first, ensuring that customers always leave with a product that’s perfectly-paired to their needs and preferences, with the information they need to use it safely.

  • Community-oriented retail model.
  • Personalized product recommendations for each customer.
  • Wide selection of premium products to satisfy both first-time consumers and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

Making customer education a priority to promote smart product use, Green Gaia even offers free cannabis consultation services. Let this cannabis retailer’s knowledgeable and attentive staff help you craft the perfect cannabis experience.

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