108 Riverstone Ridge #106, Fort McMurray, AB
(587) 601-1417
Open 10:00am-10:00pm today
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Welcome to Fort McMurray’s very first dispensary. This Plantlife location is a historic (and much needed) first for this Northern Alberta municipality. Bringing their world-class cannabis knowledge and award-winning selection of strains to the Albertan outback, this retail location is here to answer any questions consumers may have and to ensure smart buying decisions to optimize your cannabis experience.

  • Unparalleled customer service with a direct line to Plantlife’s experienced budtenders at (587) 601-1417
  • Convenient location with ample parking and complimentary businesses next door.
  • High-quality products made easy with a team of highly trained budtenders.

Located in Stoney Creek’s Riverstone Ridge Plaza, nestled in-between the Canadian Brewhouse and Bone and Biscuit, Plantlife is optimally located for convenience and all-in-one shopping trips. Whether you’re a first-time cannabis buyer or a seasoned veteran, Plantlife is a retailer that is sure to wow you.

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