Small Town Buds

6 Athabasca Ave, Devon, AB
(780) 738-8273
Open 10:00am-10:00pm today
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Small Town Buds is a local cannabis retailer that’s operated by long time community members who have a deep understanding of the people, lifestyle, and general cannabis shopping preferences in their hometown. With friendly service that exemplifies the small-town charm of Devon and a wealth of cannabis knowledge, this cannabis retailer ensures that their customers leave with a product they love and are properly informed on how to properly consume it.

  • Locally owned and operated by long time citizens of Devon.
  • Committed to providing informative service that promotes the safe, responsible, but fun use of cannabis.
  • Sensitive to the unique needs and preferences of their surrounding community.

>As the name of this cannabis retailer suggests, Small Town Buds is located in a small town in southwest Edmonton, near the beautiful North Saskatchewan River—the part where you can actually swim.

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