The Bud King

9704 39 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB
(780) 756-3200
Open 10:00am-11:00pm today
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You won’t catch this cannabis retailer trying to sanitize cannabis culture for the mainstream. The Bud King understands that the cannabis community—by nature, and in many ways by obligation—has always been intrinsically linked to the creation of art, to rebellion, to free thought. That’s why The Bud King, ever true to the culture, has forged a unique retail space that reflects the creativity and innovation of the cannabis community that birthed it.

  • Friendly and informed staff, trained to help customers find products that work for them.
  • Creative atmosphere designed to inspire.
  • Premium grade cannabis products that are reliable and consistent.

The Bud King’s elegant retail space is an aesthetic masterpiece where customers can come not just to find high-quality cannabis products, but to catch a vibe and share an experience.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto