Allevi8 Gods green crack 47 386x193 God’s Green Crack Marijuana Strain

God’s Green Crack Marijuana Strain

God’s Green Crack is a Hybrid marijuana strain with earthy flavors. God’s Green Crack will leave you feeling energetic and is great for treating depression.
Dream Queen 386x193 Dream Queen

Dream Queen

Dream Queen is a smooth and spacey hybrid with an energetic kick. This daytime bud can produce up to 23 percent THC, making it a great choice for consumers with some cannabis experience.
One to One strain 386x193 One to One

One to One

One to One is a relaxed and creative hybrid with a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. This strain is popular among those with muscular problems, inflammation, and mental health ailments.
Canna Tsu A hero 386x193 Canna Tsu


Canna-Tsu is a popular high-CBD hybrid with subtle, relaxing effects. This strain is happy, upbeat, and great for those who want strong relief during the day.
Purple Space Cookies hero 386x193 Purple Space Cookies

Purple Space Cookies

Purple Space Cookies is a beautiful hybrid with dense purple buds and plenty of glistening trichomes. Popular in Canada, this strain has a mysterious genetic heritage.
lavender jones 2 386x193 Lavender Jones

Lavender Jones

Lavender Jones is a high-yielding hybrid with a sweet floral scent. Happy, euphoric, and relaxing, this bud is an excellent way to wind down after a trying day.

Frisian Dew 386x193 Frisian Dew

Frisian Dew

Frisian Dew is a gorgeous hybrid with light purple specks. Bred for the outdoors, growers will love this strain's hardiness and mold resistance.
black beauty 2 386x193 Black Beauty

Black Beauty

Black Beauty is a strain like none other. This bud produces a 2:1 ratio of THC to THCV, a cannabinoid that is being studied for weight loss and diabetes care.
purple tahoe alien 386x193 Tahoe Alien

Tahoe Alien

Tahoe Alien is a delightful but potent indica-dominant hybrid. This strain has tested with up to 29 percent THC and promotes a dreamy, euphoria and creativity.
Ewok 386x193 Ewok


This Starwars themed strain is a powerful healing herb. Thought to be effective against muscle spasms, Ewok is an indica-dominant hybrid with up to 23 percent THC.
Chiquita Banana 386x193 Chiquita Banana

Chiquita Banana

Chiquita Banana is one of the most powerful strains in the world. Featuring 33 percent THC, this bud is covered with a glistening coat of crystal trichomes and produces happy, euphoric effects.
Blissful Wizard 386x193 Blissful Wizard

Blissful Wizard

Blissful Wizzard is offically one of the strongest hybrids in the world. A Girl Scout Cookies offspring, this strain provides a powerful yet happy and euphoric high.

Liberty Haze 386x193 Liberty Haze

Liberty Haze

Liberty Haze is an award-winning hybrid that produces up to 25 percent THC. Happy and relaxed, this easygoing bud is great for daytime social festivities.
Lucky Charms 386x193 Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms was released as a limited edition hybrid from Bodhi Seeds. Powerful, happy, and energizing, this strain provides great daytime relief for headaches.
Marionberry kush 386x193 Marionberry Kush

Marionberry Kush

Marionberry Kush is a popular Pacific Northwest strain with a delightful herbal berry taste. This hybrid may be sweet, but with around 23 percent THC, this calming flower packs a serious punch.
Double Dream 386x193 Double Dream

Double Dream

Do you love Blue Dream? Double Dream is a well-balanced offspring from the famous strain. This bud promotes an easygoing vibe and a dreamy, euphoric relaxation.