Cannabis Longley

Hosted by Longley, a comedic talent in the cannabis community, these comedy skits offer hilarious takes on situations that various cannabis users (and even non-cannabis users) have experienced. Ranging from high-thoughts to high-problems, Longley's skits are ridiculously entertaining, whether you enjoy cannabis or not.
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The 4/20 Proposal Thumbnail
Episode #1

The 4/20 Proposal

Chad has something special planned for his girlfriend. He’s about the pop the ultimate question…on 4/20.

Never Judge New Weed Dealers Thumbnail
Episode #2

Never Judge New Weed Dealers

After all of their “go-to” dealers are out of weed, 2 friends have one last resort…a dealer named “Ice Tray.”

The Best Weed "Mannequin Challenge" Thumbnail
Episode #3

The Best Weed "Mannequin Challenge"

Longley gives his own cannabis rendition of the “Mannequin Challenge” as it officially dies (hard) as a fad.

3 Types of Being Too Stoned Thumbnail
Episode #4

3 Types of Being Too Stoned

We've all been there, don't lie. But which Longley character best fits you for when you enter the "too" stoned zone?

The Last Nug Thumbnail
Episode #5

The Last Nug

It's so hard to say goodbye to that last nug...sometimes.

Always Check Your Grinder Thumbnail
Episode #6

Always Check Your Grinder

Longley shares a PSA of why you should always check your grinder when you're dankrupt.

Staying Home And Smoking Weed Instead Thumbnail
Episode #7

Staying Home And Smoking Weed Instead

A friend is throwing a party and wants to be sure Longley is coming. But Longley might have different plans...