We Ask Strangers What They Like To Do After Getting High

No matter what strains or cannabis products you prefer, one thing we can agree on is that cannabis enthusiasts are diverse. While some people might prefer to smoke weed and melt into a Netflix marathon, many cannabis lovers might prefer to speed down a tree-lined trail on a suped-up mountain bike. Often the stoner caricature, portrayed in tired-media narratives or b-list movies is entirely false. So Herb took to the streets to ask complete strangers what experiences they use cannabis to heighten. This episode of Streeters should put some ideas on your post-consumption to-do list.
Date: July 13, 2018
Runtime: 00:02:01

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"Everyone has an opinion" so the truism goes. In this series, Herb producers take to the streets to interview complete strangers about cannabis-centric topics. Streeters aims to get to the heart of...

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