The Story Behind the Charlotte’s Web Strain | Strain Stories


This CBD strain saved Charlotte Figi’s life.

Zack Kotzer

In 2013, Charlotte Figi and her family were struggling to find a prescription. Figi suffered from a rare form of epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome, and available pharmaceuticals weren’t cutting it as she suffered from dozens of seizures a day.

At the same time, a pair of medical cannabis growers in Colorado known as the Stanley Brothers had their own specific conundrum. They had developed a strain that no one wanted with 17% CBD, but an extremely low amount of THC. If you were looking to get high, you’d have better luck puffing from a hemp sweater. It had the shorthand of Hippie’s Disappointment.’

The two parties managed to find each other, and suddenly this strain found its place. Charlotte Figi began taking extracts, and the results were immediate. Figi’s seizures dropped from some hundreds a week to just a few per month. Hippie’s Disappointment had taken on a new identity as Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte Figi’s story was one of the tales featured on CNN’s Weed series, as Sanjay Gupta found himself changing his mind on the benefits of medical cannabis.

Zack Kotzer