This dog brought her owner a pound of weed


It’s official: dog is man’s best friend.


Well, if it wasn’t official already, it is now: dog is man’s best friend. Especially, when you have a dog as loyal as Miley from Mississippi. Her owner let her out to do her business and she came back bearing a white baggie. Lo and behold, inside of it was every weed lover’s dream come true. According to reports, some of the bud was considered “higher grade” (who knows what that means in Mississippi) and some of it was rolled up in “stick-like shapes” (again, who knows what that means).

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a dream come true for Miley’s owner who called the cops. The cops were utterly stumped on where it came from. “They can’t really ask the dog, ‘From what pile did you get that?’” sheriff’s office spokeswoman Allyson Knotts said. “It’s under investigation, but it was a tricky incident.”

Miley’s owner is not a suspect in the investigation and it’s not clear whether they have any leads on the person who lost their weed. The only thing that’s clear, for now, is that Miley needs to be my dog.