How to Make a Gravity Bong- HERB D-I-HIGH


A gravity bong is an essential accessory for anyone looking to get ripped or for people who just really love arts and crafts.


Gravity bongs are nothing if not ubiquitous among college students and stoners who like arts and crafts. It’s an essential accessory for people who are looking to get ripped or just don’t have a bong around, and the whole process—including smoking with it—is definitely a fun thing to do on a Saturday. Plus, making a gravity bong is easier than you’d think and takes only a few household items and a little finesse.

Take a big plastic bottle and cut off the part of the where it starts to slope off into the mouthpiece. Then take a slightly smaller or thinner bottle—a liter soda one, for example—and cut off about two to three inches from the bottom. Cover the mouthpiece of that bottle with foil, and use a thin toothpick to poke holes into the foil, making a screen. Fill the bigger jug with water, put your smaller bottle in, and then fill up your foil screen with bud. Light up, take off the screen and inhale through the mouthpiece as you pull the smaller jug up slowly, leaving a bit of the bottom in the water. Voila! You’re now high as hell.