How to Roll A Cross Joint | HERB Rolligami with Cody van Gogh


If you like to get divinely high, this is how to roll the infamous cross joint.

Zack Kotzer

Some smokers like to seek a religious experience. A higher power, if you will. But achieving that divinity is not going to be easy. Herb’s own Cody van Gogh is back again to teach you how to make the infamous cross joint. It is an impressive feat of rolling worth wearing around the rosary. Also, it’s the one kind of joint Dracula can’t steal from you. So that’s a plus.

Known by many as a bromantic gesture from the 2008 Seth Rogen/James Franco stoner comedy Pineapple Express, the cross joint is more than just prop comedy. Or, at least, it doesn’t only have to be prop comedy. You smoke it on your own, but you’ll need a congregation of lighters to burn all three ends simultaneously.

“This is the apex of the vortex of joint engineering,” said James Franco’s deadbeat character from Pineapple Express. Merging two joints into one isn’t as easy as it sounds. More sophisticated than just gluing two joints over top each other or twined up like the Blair Witch twigs. With Cody van Gogh’s help, you won’t have to have craftsmanship as a carpenter to put this whole crucifix together.

Screenshot 2017 11 30 12.38.50 How to Roll A Cross Joint | HERB Rolligami with Cody van Gogh

To build this one you’ll need two different paper sizes. You will need to make to make two different joints, a smaller, narrower one and a big chubby buddy, large enough for the first to comfortably poke through. Airflow can be pretty tricky, so keep your favorite pokes around to clear the proper air channels. You will also need to cut some careful holes, so unless you generally keep your dexterity a few tokes in, maybe prep this one ahead of time, before you start descending a stairway to heaven.

So there you have it, the proper steps to building your own cross joint. Because even if church and state should be at arm’s length, that doesn’t mean that church and altered states have to be. And don’t forget: If the smoke is white, that means there’s a new Pope!

Zack Kotzer