Easy To Make Homemade Bongs – HERB D-I-HIGH


Making homemade bongs is a borderline art-form. Welcome to Bong Art School.

Rob Hoffman

Can you truly call yourself a weed enthusiast if you’ve never smoked from a pipe made entirely from Starbursts?

Making homemade bongs is a borderline art-form. Even if you own an actual bong, there’s no denying the hilarity of the apple pipe, or ingenuity of a water-bottle gravity bong. After all, homemade bong-engineering is an act of creativity, not desperation. Not to mention a good bong can cost upwards of $100. But a pack of Starbursts, on the other hand, will get you high, and respect points for $1.99.

Most people are familiar with the traditional build-a-bong techniques: the dreaded pop-can pipe, or the nauseating water-bottle bong. But this isn’t the 1980’s, and we believe you deserve better than the mediocre homemade bongs of yesteryear. Instead, HERB is here to offer some new, creative and easy to make bongs that range from the traditional apple-pipe to a candy-cross-joint.

Best of all, most of these homemade bongs can be constructed with simple household items like a screwdriver, paper-towel tube, and tinfoil. So whether you’re feeling creative, or simply lacking an available smoking apparatus, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to making our four favorite homemade bongs:

Rob Hoffman