How To Roll A Golden Blunt- HERB D-I-HIGH


Are you ready to stop being a peasant? Then it’s time you smoked a golden blunt.

Miroslav Tomoski

Are you ready to stop being a peasant? Then it’s come time for you to smoke a gold blunt. It’s visualizing; smoke like a millionaire, become a millionaire. Exhale smoke, inhale wealth. Think about it. It’s science. So if you want to smoke on a 24 Karat golden this is what you’ll need: Shine’s 24K Golden Blunt Wraps, filter papers or thin cardboard,  dabber (or another tool), and a Buster (Optional).

The first step is naturally grinding your weed, which all depends on your preference. Some like to use their fingers for larger pieces of shake while a buster is a bit easier and will also let you add some kief into the mix. Start by prepping the filter using a thin strip of cardboard and rolling it into a tube. Take a golden blunt wrap and press your thumb against one end creating a canoe shape.

Add the strain of your choice into the bottom of the golden blunt wrap and pile it high. Don’t worry if a little falls out (it always does). Holding the wrap at one end, add the filter to the opposite end then press your thumb on top of the filter to keep it in place.

Now it’s time to add a little extra buzz. If your smoking a golden blunt you might as well go all out. Holding your 24 karat canoe together, sprinkle some kief into the mix.

You’ll want to wet the golden blunt wrap by licking the inside or using just a little bit of water on your fingertip to prevent it from cracking.

Begin rolling your golden blunt from the filter up, making sure to hold it so the shake doesn’t fall out of the end. Holding the filtered end of the golden blunt between your thumb and index finger, slowly rotate the filtered end while using your other hand to roll one end of the wrap over the other.

Top your golden blunt off if necessary using a dabber or other tool to make sure it’s nicely packed. Pinch and twist the end. Enjoy your future millions.

Miroslav Tomoski