How to make cannabis-infused chicken parmesan stuffed garlic bread


Half appetizer, half main course and a whole lot of THC.


Garlic bread is good. Chicken parmesan is good, and weed is good. Put all three of those things together, and you get a mouth-watering, knee-buckling, blend between the main course and an appetizer.

The beautiful thing about this recipe is all the cheese and weed. Another beautiful thing about it is you don’t need to stay up all night making a cannabis extract, and fiddling around with mixing weed and butter. If you’ve got the right equipment, and the right ingredients to make chicken parmesan, you’re all set.

Weed-infused food is great. But this dish is garlic bread, infused with chicken parm, infused with weed. That’s three layers of infusion. Everybody knows that everything funny, tragic, or delicious all come in threes.