How To Make The Perfect Joint Filter: HERB D-I-HIGH


HERB D-I-HIGH will take your smoke sessions to the next level by teaching you how to roll the perfect joint filter every time.


There’s nothing worse than lighting up and having a big clump of weed fall out of the joint and onto your tongue. It’s a simple problem to solve, even if you don’t have any pre-fab filters at hand. All it takes to make the perfect homemade joint filter is a little bit of know-how and some meticulous handiwork.

There are a few ways to make the right filter for your fatty. For a single fold-style filter, just take a long piece of thick paper about an inch long or so and fold each end, about 4 millimeters long, twice. Roll one side into the center of the paper and then back out again until it’s the size filter you’re looking for. Fold the other side in to meet the rolled bit and then past that to the end, squish the whole thing a bit so it’s cylindrical, and you’ve got your single fold filter finished.

The “W” fold looks impressive and uses the same type of paper, folded accordion style on one side four or five times. Roll the other end to the size that you want, pull it back out towards the edge, and then roll the accordion side to meet the other one so that the whole thing has a little “W” inside.

The spiral fold style is the easiest filter of the three, using paper that’s a little shorter and rolled into itself from one edge to the other to make a simple spiral.

That’s it! With these filters, your mouth should stay flower free.