Inside Marijuana Anonymous: The group for recovering weed addicts


It’s difficult—but not impossible—to become dependent on cannabis.


Weed has a ton of medical uses, but it’s still a drug. And even though it might seem strange that a plant that gets people off of hard drugs is addictive, these people prove it. Sometimes, Marijuana Anonymous meetings only have two or three MA members present. In Toronto, people drive for hours to get there and support one another in healing.

Some people come to Marijuana Anonymous because all their relapses on other substances start with a joint. Others, though, truly suffer from their addiction to marijuana alone. Weed dominated one man’s life so much that he eventually attempted suicide after he lost touch his children.

It’s easy for many of us without marijuana addictions to reject these people’s stories. Almost everyone at the meeting had an instance where they got laughed at during an AA or NA meeting because of their drug of choice.

Weed addiction is rare. And, without prolonged heavy use, it’s unlikely. People who attend Marijuana Anonymous meetings, though, prove that weed addiction exists and can be serious.