How To Roll A Plumber’s Joint | HERB Rolligami with Cody van Gogh


HERB Rolligami will teach you how to roll a Plumber’s Joint for rich flavor and perfect airflow.

Zack Kotzer

Tired of finding your joints to be a little backed up? Feeling fed up from pulling too hard? Hearing a weird noise when you flush? Buddy, for two out of three of those problems it sounds like your joint needs to get its pipe cleaned. And what better way to clear the drain than by learning how to roll a plumber’s joint in this episode of HERB Rolligami with Cody van Gogh!

“It’s pretty basic,” says spliff master Cody van Gogh, “but a great trick to improve your joint rolling.”

Named for having a ‘pipe’ down the middle, the plumber’s joint is fantastic for getting a good airflow, easier draw, and richer flavor. It’s simple and lean, no-nonsense. You shouldn’t need anything more than a long, slim, solid pokey. That said it does take a little more effort than your usual joint, but it’s worth three times the wait.

So come along, come float with us down here. Master the plumber’s joint and you’ll be going on your own Super Mario odysseys in no time! Show your friends the plumber’s joint. Spare your friends the plumber’s butt.

Zack Kotzer