How to Roll A Tulip Joint | HERB Rolligami with Cody van Gogh


Packing maximum weed and providing great air flow, the Tulip Joint will get you high in style.

Zack Kotzer

Feeling tired of your regular, cylindrical, run of the mill spliff? Why not flex your green thumb a little bit, get a little fancy with Cody van Gogh and HERB Rolligami. Here’s a big, bulbous, good flowing joint to try rolling yourself: The Tulip Joint. Named after the beloved flower (though you could argue it looks just as much like a bazooka missile or The Flatwoods Monster if you squint) this joint is said to be pretty popular in the famous coffee shops in the Netherlands, where, like cannabis, tulips are also commonplace. The Tulip joint might just be the most European of all joints. 

The tulip joint is ideal for social situations and big group outings. One to pass around the circle. This is for two primary reasons. One, it packs a lot of weed. You may not want to go about smoking this sucker all on your own. Second, look how pretty it is!  It’s a two-piece joint, so some assembly is required. Why not show it around a little? Get some gawking your way. Maximizing both function and fashion, the Tulip Joint is the mark of a gentleman or gentlewoman. Forget flowers, bring your loved one a bouquet of these bad boys. 

As decadent and dandy as the tulip blunt appears to be, it is truthfully not a very complicated joint to roll. The tulip joint doesn’t require any fancy tools, just nimble fingers and a pokey. Perfecting your skills is a good way to show your buds that you’re a rolling savant. So follow Cody van Gogh’s instructions and you’ll be in a tulip garden in no time. Get the gang together, light this joint up and sit on the couch to watch the Alicia Vikander and Dane DeHaan drama Tulip Fever. No? No takers on Tulip Fever? Fine, be that way.

Zack Kotzer