How to Use Kief- HERB D-I-HIGH


If you’ve been saving your kief for a rainy day, this is how to make the most of it.


You’ve got it left over in the bottom of your grinder, sitting, waiting for you to siphon some off for your next bowl or smoke when your stash has gone dry: it’s kief.

There are plenty of uses for the little resinous particulates, which are high in terpenes and cannabinoids like THC. It’s a versatile substance to the point that people don’t often think about the variety of ways in which it can be used. There’s the simple solution, sprinkling it in a joint with some flower and lighting up a heady fatty. You can also put a little into a pipe, either with a really fine screen or, again, on top of some loose bud.

But with a little effort, kief can be transformed into something completely different. There are a couple of different ways to make low-level concentrates with the stuff, one of which involves putting the powder into some folded parchment paper and holding the whole thing between a hair straightener for 10-15 seconds. It comes out bendy and almost like a wax.

But if you like gadgets, a pollen press can become your new best friend. Just unscrew the top and load the whole machine with kief before turning the press. Some people let the whole thing sit for a while, some heat it afterward with a hair straightener—either way, you’ll end up with a nice little hash coin at the end that you can chop up and smoke.