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Why imagery is so important:

  • Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without.
  • Images are the #1 most important factor in optimal social media content.
  • The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it does text.
  • Combining images with a compelling caption will help engage your audience.

Images should not be:

  • Inserted willy-nilly, just to have an image
  • Trite or overused stock photos
  • Thought of only as share-bait
  • Boring or irrelevant

How to insert images on HERB

When should I use images?:

  • An image should be used in each major section of your content.
  • An image every 200-300 words will help break up the article, and ensure it is not too content heavy.
  • If an article is 2000 words in length it should have around 8-10 images.
  • Here’s an example of good image use in an article: Marijuana and MS.

Formatting Images

  • All images added to your story must be 800x400px – Download the Photoshop image template (be sure the border stays as the top layer)
  • Must have a 1-pixel gray (#666666) border (this is in the Photoshop image template)
  • File size must be below 120kb
  • Format should be .JPG for photos and .GIF for text / diagram images
  • Give the image file a descriptive file name
    • If the piece is called ‘Canadian Prime Minister To Legalize Cannabis’, all image for this article should be prefixed with, for example: ‘canadian-pm-IMAGENAME’
    • This make the files easy to find and search in WordPress

Inserting Images

  1. Place your cursor where you want the image to go
  2. Click ‘Add Media’ at the top of the page
  3. Drag and drop or upload the image(s)
  4. Select / tick the image(s) you want to insert
  5. In the option on the right
    1. Set the ‘Alignment’ to none.
    2. In the ‘Size’ dropdown menu (at the bottom) choose ‘Full Size’
  6. Click the ‘Insert Image’ button

Add photo credit link

  1. Click the inserted image
  2. In the small menu that pops up click the ‘Pen’ (edit) button
  3. In the ‘Caption’ box copy and paste this code:
    1. <a href=”REPLACE” target=”_blank”>Photo credit</a>
  4. Next, copy the website URL the photo was found on (the website that is being credited)
  5. Back in WordPress, select the word ‘REPLACE’ in the code you pasted, and then paste the photo credit URL
  6. Click ‘Update’

Featured Image

  • The featured image will be inserted by the Editor

Image Stock Websites:

Where possible source copyright free images. These can be found by searching for photos that have commercial usage rights. You can find these on website such as:

When using any images, copyright or not, always reference the source underneath the image and provide a link to the source e.g. Photo credit: *source link*.

The article ‘featured image’ credit should appear at the end of the article e.g. ‘Featured image photo credit: Shutterstock‘.

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